Design Strategy Session by Belinda | TECHPACKS.CO

Design Strategy Session

I recommend that we start by working together on a Design Strategy session, which will lay the groundwork for your future design decisions and product creation.
The Design Strategy session is a research and discovery-heavy project that allows us do some deep customer profiling, business modeling, budgeting, product inquiries and more.

Here's how it works

A discovery process to help us get clear on your needs. We want to give you an action plan for moving forward with intention.

Activities + Outcomes 
✓   Project brief
✓   Customer profile
✓   Market research
✓   Competitor analysis
✓   Branding persona

Understanding the Challenges & Opportunities
Here we explore your market reality: your customers, your business model, your brand, etc. so we can put together a collection to help you meet your goals.

We start off with a 60-minute kick-off discovery session to dive deeper into your goals and the unique needs of your project. We’ll identify any pain points, opportunities, and help you prioritize your next best steps. 

Activities + Outcomes 
✓   Choose a cohesive direction
✓   Strategize which items to create
✓   Correctly price your designs
✓   Budget/costing sheet for each item

Planning Next Steps
Once we’ve dived into your goals, market, business model, and identified your most customers, we begin to assemble a Strategic Line Plan outlining our recommendations: which items you are going to start designing, what materials to start looking at as well a costing sheet for each piece in the collection.  

We'll meet for another 60-min Strategy Call to go over some of our preliminary recommendations and strategize with you on best approaches for your business. We help you decide how to proceed, where to focus, what to create, and how to leverage resources. Depending on your needs we typically recommend to focus on one of a few key areas: materials, color, design decoration, graphics or prints (and in many cases, some of each).

While this phase of the project is relatively research-heavy, it helps you to make better-informed decisions regarding new designs, development and production. 

You can choose to implement our strategic recommendations on your own or with your team, or partner with us in an ongoing capacity to implement the projects together with strategic support.

We create this Design Strategy as a living/breathing plan. It can/should be adjusted over time so that you can measure and track your progress + decisions. Changing course and pivoting intelligently when new information becomes available is never a bad thing.

We'll follow up with an additional Strategy Call within 6 weeks of our work together in order to check in on how you're implementing, what you're noticing, and to offer any additional insight as you take action on our strategic recommendations.