Design Your First Fashion Product by Tech Packs Co
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Design Your First Fashion Product

Create your clothing or accessory design in just 5 days! An introduction to design, for beginners. 
Enrollment is closed

Design is hard, but it doesn’t have to be!

Confused about how to choose the right colors? You know roughly the look you want to go for... but you don't know how to choose the right shades and make it all co-ordinate. 

Picking fabrics should be fun, let's make it that way! What blend of cotton vs polyester do you need? Unsure about fabric types, weaves and weights?

Terrible at drawing? Think you can’t draw and wishing you had an artistic streak? That’s not a problem... we've got a proven 'hack' for you.

Wondering what’s the right way to format your branding/patterns/graphics? Can’t figure out how to get your design the way you’d like it and unsure which way it’s “supposed to be done”?

If you’re stuck on exactly how to create your own, sellable, product designs we’ve got the solution for you.

          ✓   How to & how not to plan a collection for best results
          ✓   Design stuff customers actually want to buy 
          ✓   Create legit, high quality pieces 
          ✓   Choose the right colors & materials
          ✓   Budget for each design so you can make money later
          ✓   Go from half baked ideas to fully sketched, great-looking designs
Your life before you knew how to design... 
  • You’re wasting hours trying to figure out how to make your drawings look ‘right'
  • You’re confused if you’re actually doing it right or if you left anything out
  • You’re waiting weeks for contractors to do it for you, badly!
  • You're spending too many $$$ getting someone else to do your designs.

Your life after you know how to design... 
  • You can quickly asses the viability of your ideas.
  • You know where and how to properly research the competition
  • You understand how to make smart decisions on materials/fabrics
  • You can plan out your products pricing and costs 
  • You’re saving time by using templates, cheatsheets and pre-made, done-for-you info.
  • You’re saving $$$ on hiring contractors. 
  • You’re creating sellable designs from your new kick ass skills!

The Course: What's Inside

Learn how to effectively research your design ideas, market and target customer. 
✓   Strategies for today's tough industry climate
✓   Start with who and define your customer
✓   Focus in on the right market
✓   How to properly analyze the competition
✓   Don't create a brand, start a movement!
Plan each design, so you can crush your sales numbers later!
✓   Strategically plan your collection
✓   Learn how to be directional but cohesive
✓   Correctly price your designs
✓   Budget design costs (so you can make money)
Know which materials to use & how to utilize the best qualities of different fabrics.
✓  How to assess different materials 
✓   What to look for when picking fabrics
✓   How fabric structures can impact your design
Go from an idea in your head → to having your designs laid out on paper.
✓   How to best construct your creations
✓   Understand various decorative techniques
✓   Select the right type of print
✓   Learn how to properly label & package
Put all your plans, boards and sketches together to finalize your collection (so you can sell).
✓   Create the right kind of sketches
✓   Present your line to buyers
✓   The smart way to protect your designs
✓   An entry strategy to begin production!
Hi, I’m Belinda of Tech Packs Co!
I'm a technical fashion designer from London. I got my first job in fashion at the age of 15 stapling swatch cards together! Since then, I've been helped hundreds of brands to go from design idea to commercial product lines. I’ve been designing & creating tech packs for more than a decade for household name brands and independent designers around the world.

Is this course for me?

This course is for: 
  • Entreprenurs wanting to learn fashion design.
  • New designers manufacturing their first sewn product. 
  • Apparel start-ups looking for designer tips, tricks & shortcuts. 
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to create commercially viable product designs. 
The entire process is overwhelming. I find your lesson a perfect guide to help break down the processes into manageable pieces.
Ishaq Ojibara

How does the course work?

  • You’ll have instant access to all the materials so you can start learning right away.
  • The course contains video lessons, worksheets, templates, sketches and more.
  • Download slides from each lesson to take notes. 
  • Links to extra resources and inspiration boards if you want to dig even deeper. 
  • Ask questions to Belinda or ask other like-minded students for feedback. Discussions & comments are encouraged after every lesson!
  • After your purchase, log in with your password to access the private course website. 
  • You'll have lifetime access to the material, including any updates made after you purchase. (We update the course at least once every year after feedback from new students!)

You've got two choices here...

  1. Keep trying to figure all of this stuff out on your own (which often takes even the smartest and hardest-working people years to do). 
  2. OR... Use these strategies and get massive results immediately.
Think about where you want to be 1 month from now...or even 1 week from now. Do you have a plan to get there?

Use the step-by-step video lessons to help you create your designs in days.

What will you choose?

Start now!

... get instant access the 5 modules, 21 videos lessons, 7 worksheets, the 5 inspiration boards + the facebook group for support!
I wish I found something like this earlier. It would have saved me hours of research online. It was really well made and explanatory.
Sebastien Bouffard

What's included?

Video Icon 21 videos File Icon 39 files


MODULE 1: Research
1.1 Reality Check [Video].mp4
2 mins
1.1 Reality Check [Slides].pdf
241 KB
1.2 Your Customer [Video].mp4
6 mins
1.2 Your Customer [Slides].pdf
383 KB
1.2 Customer Profile [Worksheet].pdf
43.1 KB
1.3 Your Market [Video].mp4
6 mins
1.3 Your Market [Slides].pdf
366 KB
1.3 SWOT Analysis [Worksheet].pdf
42 KB
1.4 Your Brand [Video].mp4
6 mins
1.4 Your Brand [Slides].pdf
461 KB
1.4 Brand Profile [Worksheet].pdf
39.3 KB
MODULE 2: Planning
2.1 Collections [Video].mp4
12 mins
2.1 Collections [Slides].pdf
2.79 MB
2.2 Color [Video].mp4
4 mins
2.2 Color [Slides].pdf
462 KB
2.3 Initial Range [Video].mp4
11 mins
2.3 Initial Range [Slides].pdf
846 KB
2.3 Initial Range Plan [Worksheet]
2.4 Pricing & Costing [Video].mp4
8 mins
2.4 Pricing & Costing [Worksheet]
2.4 Pricing & Costing [Slides].pdf
733 KB
MODULE 3: Materials
3.1 Fabrics [Video].mp4
7 mins
3.1 Fabrics [Slides].pdf
622 KB
3.2 Structures [Video].mp4
4 mins
3.2 Structures [Slides].pdf
997 KB
3.3 Fibers [Video].mp4
10 mins
3.3 Fibers [Slides].pdf
649 KB
3.3 Top Fabrics [Cheatsheet].pdf
15.7 MB
3.4 Material Research [Video].mp4
3 mins
3.4 Material Research [Slides].pdf
471 KB
3.4 Fabric Price Estimates [Cheatsheet].pdf
130 KB
MODULE 4: Design
4.1 Construction [Video].mp4
4 mins
4.1 Construction [Slides].pdf
4.79 MB
4.1 Design Outline [Worksheet].pdf
17.3 KB
4.1 Construction [Inspiration]
4.2 Trims [Video].mp4
3 mins
4.2 Trims [Slides].pdf
4.12 MB
4.2 Trims [Inspiration]
4.2 Trims [More Inspiration]
4.3 Decoration [Video].mp4
2 mins
4.3 Decoration [Slides].pdf
7.36 MB
4.4 Print [Video].mp4
8 mins
4.4 Print [Slides].pdf
11.2 MB
4.5 Labels [Video].mp4
8 mins
4.5 Labels [Slides].pdf
6.81 MB
4.5 Labels [Inspiration]
4.5 Hang Tags [Inspiration]
4.5 Packaging [Inspiration]
MODULE 5: Finalize
5.1 Style Numbers [Video].mp4
4 mins
5.1 Style Names [Slides].pdf
324 KB
5.2 Line Sheets [Video].mp4
10 mins
5.2 Line Sheet [Slides].pdf
2.46 MB
5.2 Line Sheet x8 [Template].pdf
15.1 KB
5.2 Line Sheet x10 [Template].pdf
15.1 KB
5.2 Line Sheets [Drawing Templates]
5.2 Flats [Inspiration]
5.3 Protection [Video].mp4
6 mins
5.3 Protection [Slides].pdf
519 KB
5.4 Next Steps [Video].mp4
2 mins
5.4 Next Steps [Slides].pdf
201 KB
A great introductory course for fashion newbies! I loved that it was very methodical, stepping me through all the things that I will need to consider in developing my designs.
Emma Browning


When does the course start & finish?

This is a completely self-paced, online course - you decide when you start and finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across all devices you own.

Will this course be updated later on? Will I be able to see future updates for free?

Yes, absolutely! We will continue to improve and expand the course and updates will be free, forever.

What if I am unhappy with the course? What's your refund policy?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 7 days for a full refund.

Can't I just find out this information online for free?

You can find anything out on the interwebs these days but unfortunately, you can't guarantee quality information. Rather than learning low quality information in a disjointed way, you can work your way through these lessons in order. Don't forget all the extra bonuses you'll be getting with this course too!

This course would be an investment for me. Is it worth the price?

Yes! Learning design skills will be saving you big $$$ in the long run. Learn how to plan your materials, details and decorations to hit a target cost price and make the most of your profit margins. Better design = more sales = mo’ money! The best investments are the ones you make in yourself. 

Is this a course for beginners, or is this more of an advanced level course?

This course is designed to give beginners a clear and actionable path to creating their first designs from scratch. 

What tools do I need for this course?

Computer, pen & paper. Nothing fancy!

Questions, comments or feedback about the course? 

Shoot us an email: mail AT