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Tech Pack Template

Customize & complete the templates to create your own unique tech packs, for any type of product. 
Having no previous technical design experience, these tech packs played an integral role in executing my designs correctly. If you don’t want to waste money and time with many extra samples, having the right tech pack is crucial in the design process.’s templates are easy-to-use and I consider it a must-have for every designer.
Annie Chang

How it Works

▸  Click, pay, then download for instant access
▸  Customize the templates
▸  Create your own unique tech packs
▸  Works for any type of textile product

Inside the template

‣  Style summary & bill of materials
‣  Callouts & construction
‣  Colorways & embellishments
‣  Labels & packaging
‣  Measurement specs
‣  Point of measurement diagrams
‣  Sample comments & tracking
"I'm new to the industry and these helped me to save tons of time. What I liked the most about the templates is their clean and professional look."
Alejandra González

What's included?

Video Icon 1 video File Icon 10 files


Template Tech Pack -
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Google Sheets Template
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Microsoft Excel Templates
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Adobe Illustrator Templates
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PDF Templates
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How do I use the template? What software do I need?

You have a few options. You can open the .xlts template files and edit in Excel. There is a Google Sheets template & Adobe Illustrator versions as well. Or you can open the PDF template files in a PDF editor. You can also print the templates and fill in by hand. 

Is this template for me?

If you want to make better samples/products this template is for you. If you want to speed up the time it takes you to create a tech pack, this template will be your best friend! Get better results from your tech packs in half the time.    

Is this an 'industry standard' template?

While there are no official industry standards for tech packs, this template reflects typical tech packs. It's up to you to fill it in correctly. 

Will this template work for my product type / design?

Yep! The template is SUPER flexible. You can duplicate/delete/reorder all pages, as well as adding your own custom pages or info.

Are there instructions for the template?

Yes, there is an explainer video! You will also get a completed sample tech pack to demonstrate what goes where.